RSS in Education

This video is a tutorial on how to setup and use Feedly and RSS Icon, add-on programs for Firefox.  The video instruction is designed for high school students to follow and set up for class.  

RSS has many possible uses.  One is to have the feeds geared toward the students.  It could be to post information related to the topics we cover in class such as videos, pictures, or interesting facts.  Regarding interesting facts I might post a question the first week and let students try and find the answers on their own before creating a feed with answers the following week.  Focusing on parents would be another use for RSS.  I’d like to use it as a way to keep parents informed with news that are pertinent such as updated information about high schools or universities.  

I was surprised by the number of feedreader and RSS icon programs available while prepping the video.  One classmate, Kristie Lormand even pointed out a specialized program called Feedrinse which can be used to filter the feeds.  I’ve never used RSS for education but plan to test it out and then write about my findings and other creative uses for RSS.    

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