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Annotated Bibliography

 It’s been a while since the last time I did research and with all the information online, it was a new experience.  It was the first time to use APA style and Google research tool, but was glad to have had the opportunity to use both.  Google makes it very convenient to research a topic, cite it, and write about it.  However, it wasn’t always easy to locate the document to read it.  This led me to explore Albertson’s online resources.  I enjoyed using EBSCO.  It was very straightforward navigating and finding resources. 

I found it ironic in the topic that I chose.  It reminded my of the dreaded Saturday mornings of going to a reading center to attend a 2-hour reading fluency class in my elementary days.  Now it’s a complete turnaround.  I’m the one interested in helping students improve their reading speeds.  It led me to think about the possible causes for slow reading:

  • Learning a second language and exposing a reader with unfamiliar vocabulary and expressions 
  • Different learning styles
  • The tendency to subvocalize the text when reading silently 

The third point I found especially interesting.  Students are often taught to read out loud to practice tone and pronunciation. However, doing this for many years may make it difficult to break this habit even when reading silently.  Since we don’t necessarily emphasize speed reading techniques, it’s possible that not all students naturally improve their reading rate naturally through practice.  It’s a topic to further explore in the future to better understand how subvocalization affects reading fluency.  

The annotated bibliography explains about implementing a speed reading software to improve reading fluency.  It also talks about finding concrete evidence which shows the benefits of a speed reading course.  

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