EDTECH Challenges

The technological trend that I wanted to address was the demand of personalized learning not adequately supported by current technology or practices.  As a private educator, it’s a potential problem I wanted to better understand.  I was surprised that personalized learning is very different from individual learning.  It included letting the learner take control of the learning experience. Each learner creates a personal objective, pace, and how learning will be accomplished.   It’s the ideal model for learning, but the flexibility requires more student responsibility.  Charles Brodeur, a classmate, mentioned about educating students of netiquette, a point many people may overlook but essential when much of the learning takes place using the internet.  It’s a complex challenge to deal with because there are so many variables to consider which affects the result. Below I provided one way of implementing it in a given situation.   

A problem teachers face, including myself, is putting the principles of personalized learning into practice.  One possible reason is the perception that this type of education may be difficult to manage.  Each learner with their own learning goals, styles, and outcomes sounds like a daunting task.  One solution is to educate teachers and address these concerns.  Meet with other teachers and discuss and learn how they have used personalized learning.  This will allow the challenge to be better understood.  It may also spark new ideas for implementation and solution.  In my particular situation I wanted to get students to take a more active role in their learning experience.  The goal was to apply personalized learning in a TOEFL course to help students learn new vocabulary.  Start by having students explore a variety of mobile apps and test out the features.  If they find a useful app, share it with the other classmates by explaining their app choices and how they used it to improve their vocabulary.  This will give students the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a situation to make real a difference in the educational process.   By adding it to a mobile device, the learner can determine how and when to supplement it to their studies.

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