Digital Inequality

Digital divide was new term for me, and prior to this assignment I was unaware that such a problem existed.  It’s hard to imagine a life without internet since much of what I do is connected to it.  South Korea is heavily wired with internet activity.  Almost every person that I’ve met has internet in their homes and some kind of mobile device when they’re out in the street.  The most prevalent are smart phones.  Despite all the devices people own, internet cafes are still common.  Most of these cafes serve as a place to play online games where student meet friends and spend the afternoon there.  I’ve always wondered how they stay in business and make a profit because the cost to access the internet is very cheap – about $1 an hour.  For developing countries, they should consider studying the business plan of a South Korean PC room.  It seems like a great way to provide affordable internet and make it profitable for companies to set up.

I found Voice Thread to be a neat tool.  The concept to use a voice to record and narrate a presentation and use the same feature to leave comments is smart.  I’d like to try it in class as a way for students to express their opinions.  I would post a topic once a week and have students agree or disagree with the statement and explain their opinions.


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