School Evaluation Summary

I learned a lot from this project being that it was the first time to evaluate a school in detail.  I can’t say that I completely understood every criteria, but despite that, it was a great learning experience.  Teamwork was probably one of the central points that I got from this project.  A majority of my time is spent on teaching and I often think that it’s an individual activity.  I prepare and teach my students, my class.  Going through the survey made realize that a school system has many components and each having a specific function to fulfill.  The key to a smooth operation is having each individual part working together as one unit.  This probably creates a huge challenge for a large institution, but a good starting point would be communication.  It’s vital all members be connected to the planning and reviewing process.  From what I’ve seen, discussions often occur informally, which are not all bad.  However, the times are random, and the topics are the ones most pressing for that particular situation causing other important issues to be overlooked.   Formally dedicating specific days and times to discuss important issues is essential to ensure everyone is one same page.  This in turn will help the school to improve and reach objectives.

Evaluation Survey

Evaluation Summary

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