Final Reflection

Edtech 501 Introduction to Educational Technology was a class that emphasized technology.  Throughout the course we learned about technology as outlined from the course syllabus but others which were informally introduced through website discussions.  Some were completely new to me.  Others I knew about, but new tips and features made it interesting and helpful.  I thoroughly enjoyed the technology aspect of the course.  I learned how to apply new tools into education through course instruction, and observation of classmates which in turn sparked new ideas.  Among the various technologies, the assignment using Powtoon was my favorite.  This assignment focused on a challenge and required students to apply and develop problem solving skills to work out a solution.  Students had a chance to work with multimedia tools to create a cartoon like animation.  It incorporated technology, creativity, and critical thinking skills.  It’s a type of project that’s needed in a language arts class even if the focus of the class is on test preparation.  It brought to my attention that students need to apply their knowledge to something real to gel the learning experience.  Working on this assignment and others in the course expanded my perception on how education can be done.

I had a great experience taking Edtech 501.  I’m grateful for learning so much in each assignment.  One that I found particularly helpful was the research assignment.  It gave me the opportunity to tap many of the resources as I explored Albertson’s Library.  I was amazed at the quantity of academic literature at my fingertips.  I searched my topic for the assignment and was pleased to find that others had done research in a quest to find answers to the same questions that I had.  This project gave me the tools and direction to research different sources, analyze the data, and learn.  The experience was invaluable because even though this course soon comes to a close, the feeling is positive knowing that the education can further develop.    



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