Edtech 521 Reflection Journal Week 2

Quotes from Reading, Class Tasks and Activities
iNACOL on Communication for online learning: Occurs primarily asynchronously and online or from a distance.
National Quality Standards
I was surprised to read this.  I would say it can often occur synchronously through video chats.  The literature stated blended learning tends to use combination of synchronous and asynchronous communication. 
Best practices for Online or Blended Environment?
 At times the more I thought about this topic, the more confusing it became. 
Top 3 states with multi-district fully online schools
1. AZ
2. OH
3. PA

I had to search and find out what it meant by “multi-district fully online schools.”  If I understand correctly, schools which can enroll students from any district within the state.  On a separate chart it ranked FL as having highest number of course enrollments in 2012 at over 300K.  Interestingly AZ, OH, and PA was not on this list. 

Big Blue Button – video chat program
These new applications I’d like to learn more about this week.  Edomodo is something that’s been on the back burner for awhile but may have found a way to work it into the lesson.  Big Blue Button, a video/voice conferencing program looks have more tools for presenter/teacher controls than Hangouts. Wonder what some of the other features are?
Week 2 The Big Picture: Traditional, Blended, and Online Learning Environments.  Best practices in an online or blended environment
This week focused on differentiating the three learning environments: traditional, blended and online.  I chose to focus on online.   Best Practices for an Online Environment

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