Edtech 521 Reflection Journal Week 3

Quotes from Reading, Class Tasks, and Activities
This week we created an avatar using the characters from South Park.  Two people worked together and each built an avatar from the website without letting the other see it, and then record a description.  Using the recorded description from their partner, they had to recreate the avatar.  South Park Avatar Link
This was a fun activity that could be used as an icebreaker for a class in any subject.  Also it could be used as an activity to focus on using multimedia tools.  This activity helps students to improve active listening and character description.  It was the first time to work together with another classmate on an assignment among the Edtech courses that I’ve taken.  It was a great experience.  Normally I teach in a 1:1 environment online at work so group interaction is usual.   I’d like to try this out with my students at similar book levels as a way to build community. 
Notes from Communication and Interaction in Online Teaching from iNACOL.
Teacher-Student.  Teachers use email, phone, and discussion boards.  Some school require teachers to use multiple types of communications.  The frequency of communication varied from twice a month, once a week, 3 times a week, and daily.  Key point it stressed was that response time should be within 24 hrs.  Best quote: “demonstrate daily presence within online course” via communication tools.
Teacher-Parent.  The frequency of contact varied from once a quarter, once a month, every two weeks, and weekly.  Teachers should be responsible for school polices and responsible informing parents and students. 
Student-Student.  Emphasize netiquette and skillful writing when communicating. 
Teaching in a live 1:1 environment, most communications occur during class.  I use Kakao Talk for some students, which is a text messaging program.  In the future I plan to use a discussion board through Edmodo.  It provides another method for communication as recommended by iNACOL.  Students will also be able to interact with each other, and parents can get more involved by posting comments or questions.
Question about an online learning program:

  1. How do the students manage themselves or how do the teachers manage the students?  A concern for easily distracted students.
  2. How do the teacher and students interact?
Currently reviewing INSPIRE, Connections Academy and FLVS. 
Parents are the “learning coach” who take attendance and provide on-site supervision.  FLVS states the role diminishes as students get older and supervision becomes the role of teacher.  Role of teacher is to provide synchronous supplemental instruction.

Method of delivery is asynchronous and blended (asynchronous and synchronous).  Communication is done through emails and telephone. 

Week 3 Getting to Know Students and Families

  1. Avatar Icebreaker Activity
  2. LISTEN (Look, Inquire, Summarize, Take notes, Encourage, Neutralize feelings)
  3. Interview Questions for parents and students
  4. Learning Activity Traditional to Online.  In this activity students practice vocabulary, reading comprehension, and create a survey related to the topic.  
A healthy learning environment maintains a good relationship with teachers, students and parents. It begins with an interview to learn more about each other and the educational institution.  An ice breaker is a good activity for students to learn more about each other.  Communication should be done regularly to share information and address concerns.  It emphasizes active listening because this helps build the relationship. 


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