Edtech 521 Reflection Week 5

Quotes from Reading, Class Tasks, and Activities
Netiquette group collaboration.  Discuss and create netiquette rules. 
Part 1: Rules bullet-ed with explanations and details
Part 2: Section for additional questions and or address special situations. 
Reviewed previous netiquette assignments from members to compare and synthesize and add. 
Created a doc on Google accessible to all members to contribute ideas. 
Discuss about outline and time to meet for a live chat.
Online meeting goals: finish part 1 and part 2.  Get a sense of the interaction in virtual environment on a group document creation.
Reviewed the course information on FLVS.  They have good tips a good work environment, managing time and pacing, knowing schedule, and teacher’s contact info.

Create assignment outline/schedule for the month with recommended time to spend.  Provide a copy for student and one for parent.  Essential to get parents involved in the HW completion process.  Check to see if there is an app to track homework where student can keep log of how much time is spent on homework.  Or create in a spread sheet make a chart at end of month.  There was something similar provided by Scholastic.com which served as reading log. 
Online Discussion Boards
Advantages: critical thinking, construct meaning, demonstration of knowledge, learn from others, motivation to write well, builds community, reflect which enables the synthesis of knowledge (Teacherstream 3). 

Effective Discussion Boards
Good questions.  They should have purpose; clear objectives and relates with course content.  Questions “should prompt learners’ interest, be relevant to them, and be open-ended.”  It allows for higher level of thinking, reflection, and transfer of knowledge to other situations (Rice 143).  Avoid yes no questions and answer which which require right or wrong answers.  Create a bank of good questions. 

Provide guidance.  Show examples of a good reply – further insight or new idea, constructive criticism, uses netiquette principles; might consider using this as initial activity, or asks a question. 
Provide a rubric to show how assessment will be done. 
Provide resources for students to explore topic. 
Ideas for different ways for faciliting a discussion.  Expert, polling, virtual trips, online videos (Teacherstream 8).
Provide expectations.  Language, required responses, respond to peer, ask students for their opinions. 

Be aware of common mistakes which cause problems. 

Ideas to explore
Research how to design good discussion questions
Use concept maps as a way for students to demonstrate knowledge on discussion boards.

Brainstorm ideas in one discussion.  Analyze and synthesize info to answer question in as second part of discussion. 

Let students suggest topics. 

Create a survey for students for topic and activity ideas. 

Week 5 Tools for Teaching Online, Netiquette, Effective Discussion Boards
In this project we completed the activities in Moodle, Google Hangouts, and Doc.  We collaborate on a set of netiquette rules.  I wrote an reflection to share my thoughts on what learned from this activity. 

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