Edtech 521 Reflection Week 6 and 7

Quotes from Reading, Class Tasks, and Activities
Attended the first chat using Adobe Connect.  The layout is nice – clean and easy to navigate.  The discussion was about Presenter and how to use it for presenting our netiquette set of rules.
scaffold – to do in layers; complete in sections
This week – spent a lot of time using Adobe Presenter with Powerpoint.  The tool allows a person to narrate  and record a presentation.  The script feature was very handy when recording the narration – something that I haven’t seen in other programs.  It allows the narration to be done in a video  but was unable to use the script feature, if it’s available.  It converts Powerpoint into a flash video and allows the viewer to interact with the it.  You can create surveys, quizzes, and links within the presentation.  It provides a good way to check user knowledge and connect it with supplemental activities or resources.  For this particular project I created a document in Google forms and then linked it to the video as a scavenger hunt. 
Netiquette Presentation
Adobe Presenter really expands the potential of video tutorials.  The reason being that it allows the user to interact with the video.  I’d like to learn more about this program and its features.  Also determine if files and be set up on an Adobe server.     
Conrad and Donaldson – Engaging the Online Learner Chapter 4: Learning to Use Online Tools
Have students get comfortable with the online tools.  Create activities which utilize the tools and are not graded.  After students become familar with the tools create an assignment to be graded. 
Week 6 and 7 Netiquette Presentation using PPT and Adobe Presenter.
  • Transferred Netiquette document into PPT
  • Set animations for the slides
  • Created a script
  • Created a scavenger hunt document; linked it to the presentation
  • Recorded audio narration
  • Uploaded to the Edtech Adobe Connect Server


The past two weeks our class focused a lot on learning about tools for teaching online, specifically presentation tools.  There were a number of tools users could choose from (Captivate, Powtoons, Prezi, Camtasia, Youtube to name a few); I decided to try out Presenter because the Edtech server uses Adobe Connect.  Also I had heard others mention it on a community site for instructional designers.  It’s impressive and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to test it out. 

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