Edtech 521 Reflection Journal Week 9

Quotes from Reading Class Tasks and Activities
Continue to revise and refine lesson in considerations of 3 things:
Learning style
Teaching style (teacher centered v. learner centered)
Graphic design principles
One problem that I’m having with Edmodo is that it takes too long to directly upload an MP4 file from my computer.  After uploading it requires an extra step to play the video – the computer needs an application to open the video.  I was hoping the video could be embedded and play directly from the site.  A second option is to upload the video to Youtube first, and then create a link on Edmodo.  It still takes the same amount of time but is more convenient to watch.

I like CourseSites but the layout seems complex not only for me but also for the students.  It seems I would have to spend a considerable amount of time understanding the interface and tools.         
Video: Robert Duke on Learning
Focus on the learning part and less so on teaching part
Show how course and fundamental rules/data are applied into real world
Don’t simply make students learn data/rules and expect them to be interested
Vision students as accomplished learners.  How will they be after finishing  a course?Teach/organize lesson outside your expertise; helps to pinpoint where learners need help; get a second opinion.
47:00 Students follow directions, perform well on tests but don’t understand fundamental concepts.  Ex. dividing fraction don’t understand why invert the second fraction.
Learning Chart/Process
1. Romantic view – ideal unrealistic view of course
2. Precise – realistic view; much data memorization; at this point student may drop course
3. Generalizations – do something with acquired knowledge; interesting; expert
DON’T Folllow this sequence, rather –
1. Start with romance
2. Continously do generalizations
3. Teach precision in between
Teach what you like
Assessment first and should occur often
Technology doesn’t replace teaching; it should enhance the learning experience.
It determines the type of content we should develop; it determines what is important and should be learned.  it measures how well the students are meeting the instructional goals. Helps to determine what type of modifications need to be done if goals are not being met.  
It involves developing a rubric.  Determine the learning outcomes.  Only use criterias that are measurable.  Keep it short and simple.
From Edutopia videos
Determine what our kids should be able to do (skills)
Demonstrate critical thinking
Using skills in real situation
1. real life relevant
2. engaging and interesting
3. synthesis/critical thinking
4. targeted/efficient
5. determine course ultimate goal
6. different types of assessments: major, intermediate, and small/frequent
Key questions:
How will I know (they are learning)?
How do I know they got it?

Check assessments in research page for sources.

How would you assess the Khan videos on fipped classrooms?

Khan Video

More to explore on Assessments on Edutopia

Week 9 Design Consideration of Lesson
Lesson Revision – Asynchronous Reading Speaking Lesson 

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