Edtech Week 9 Lesson Revision

1. Read and Record Directions

2. Watch the Reading Example


3. Read, Record, and Save as a Video

Do you want to know what humans will look like in the future? Recently, an artist and a scientist revealed what they think humans could look like 20, 60 and 100 thousand years from now.

Nickolay Lamm and Dr. Alan Kwan worked together to create several interesting images. They predicted that in 20,000 years, humans will have larger heads and bigger foreheads. In 60,000 years, humans will have even larger heads, bigger eyes, and thicker eyelids. In 100,000 years, the human face will have strong lines, a straight nose, and even bigger eyes. They explained that our foreheads will continue to expand as our brains keep growing larger.

Dr. Kwan thinks humans will live on other planets in the future. People may live in darker planets further away from the sun. Therefore, our eyes will become larger to see well. He also thinks our nostrils will get bigger to help our breathing because there’s no oxygen in space. Skin will also become darker to reduce the damage caused by harmful UV radiation. In addition, humans will have denser hair to protect their larger heads from heat loss.

What do you think about these predictions? They might not be right, but the pictures are very interesting.


4. Send to Me for Review

5. Read and Record Upload to Class Website

6. Click the Quizlet link

  • Practice the exercises
  • Play “Space Race”
  • Achieve a score of 5000 or higher
  • Take a screen shot of your score and send to me

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