Edtech 521 Reflection Week 12

Quotes from Reading, Class Tasks, and Activities
Submit the final version of the asynchronous lesson
Develop skills in Adobe Connect
Brainstorm synchronous lesson
Choose partner: Cary, ESL instructor working in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
I made a couple of adjustments this past week on the lesson plan hosted on Wix.  I created a video using Animoto to explain how to do task 1 of the assignment.  This video was a collage of pictures and simple texts with music in the background.  It’s easier to understand and provides a different method for learners to receive the information.  It replaced the previous video which seemed a bit wordy. 

I included document version of the lesson plan on the help section of the website.  It is intended for teachers and explains in detail on how to do the lesson.

The last thing was to use the editing tools for smartphones.  It’s a neat feature which allows users to reorganize the layout so that it’s easier to view on a smartphone.  


Final Thoughts on the Asynchronous Lesson

This was a great learning experience.  I feel good knowing that I have a better understanding of what it takes to make a good lesson.  It requires a lot of work and planning because you have to consider a lot of different factors in order to make it more complete.  These were the questions that I needed to answer throughout the planning process. 
What is the need and objectives?
How will learners reach those objectives?
What technologies will be used?
Is it learner or teacher centered?
Does it address different learning styles?
Does it address students with special needs?
How will the students be assessed?
Answering these questions will provide a great foundation for a solid lesson.  The beauty is that it can be used for a variety topics as evidenced by the work done by other classmates. 

Thinking back I’m still surprised at the amount of time spent for one lesson.  And strangely I feel like more could still be done.  One idea I would like to add would be a discussion board for students to interact with each other.  They could share their thoughts by answering questions related to the article.  It could also be a place where they could ask for help and share resources.  However, it would have to be on learning management system where students could better interact with the content.  Wix is designed to be a website.  Another idea would be to add a specific grammar element into the speaking activity. 

Week 12 Synchronous Lesson Development
The focus will be on writing for 5th grade elementary students.  We’ll use the live discussion as a way for students to formulate ideas from the reading they have done on native South American Indians.  We’ll use Popplet as the tool for students to brainstorm ideas.  The plan is to try out both Connect and Hangouts to compare features. 
Tools that I plan to look at are Popplet, Connect and an LMS (Google Sites or CourseSites). 

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