Edtech 521 Reflection Week 13/14


Thoughts from Reading, Class Tasks, and Activities
Practice using web conference tools.
Conduct synchronous meeting with partner and record the session.
Identify effective strategies for synchronous tools. 
Adobe Connect
Uploaded MP3, MP4, and SWF files to a meeting room
Conducted a lesson using the audio and video tools
Conducted a meeting as a host, presenter and participant
Used the whiteboard with a pen tool
Created a custom layout
Recorded the meeting

Hangouts on Air
To enable the Q&A you have to activate it on the left side of the menu prior to starting the starting the broadcast.  This allows viewers to ask questions. 
Link to hangout is located on the bottom right for person who initiates the chat.
Tested the pen which works with the Google apps. 

This week I wanted to further explore the features on Captivate.  My goal was to use the video demo template and one of the installed character. The topic was a video on how to buy Petronas Twin Towers tickets online.  I learned new skills making this video.
Experimented with different resolution output
Video demo template is a screen recording software aspect of the program; does not have a filmstrip 
Edited using pan and zoom
Added characters and text captions
Adjusted the timing for all inserted objects
Downloaded a third party video and inserted into the project
Edited and mixed the audio in Ableton 

Popplet has a lot of nice features.  Two of those are the ability to insert videos and adding links into the bubbles.  These two features make this tool a little better than Bubbl.  It’s also as you can tell very easy to embed into blogs. 

Synchronous Lesson (Rice pp. 53-57)
Uses: remediation, tutorial, lesson delivery, collaborative activities
1. Small discussions in breakout rooms.  Share the ideas in the main meeting room.
2. Visual demonstration of tool or process.  I’ve often seen this for music instruction.
3. Student could use it for doing a presentation.
4. Guest speaker / expert to participate.
5. Office hours, Q&A.
Keep in Mind:
1. Is the activity well suited for the synchronous environment?  Or is it more effective in asynchronous environment. 
2. Time is valuable.  Unlike asynchronous, synchronous forces people to commit to specific appointment.  therefore we should all put our best effort to use the time in most productive way. 
3. Make it engaging; it’s very easy for students to get distracted. 
My Learning Path
Moodle Edtech 521 weekly lesson.  The goal was to research information about sychronous lesson assignment.  I looked at the strategies for synchronous learning and there was a bullet point that stressed learner centered activities.
Did a search on learner centered teaching.  It led to the USciences website. It mentioned many interesting infomation on the topic.  One was that it was more inclined for higher levels of education which made sense because it requires students to be responsible for their education.  So then how could it be effective for students at the elementary level?
And so I did a new search “student centered learning elementary.” It led to thesis on this on this topic. 


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