Edtech 521 Reflection Week 15/16

For the live lesson I used Adobe Connect.  http://edtech.adobeconnect.com/p5i71bzaxyv/  It was a great learning experience and now better understand how it compares with programs like Google Hangout and Skype.  The lesson started with a warm up video, followed by reading comprehension questions and then discussing and adding words to the word bank.  I used Adobe Connect to do several things:

  • Captivate to record a video
  • Uploaded a video to Connect
  • Learned that Connect will not upload Word documents
  • Used share screen option to view the document
  • Connected a USB digital pen to edit the video and document

Doing the live lesson was effective for doing activities together such as explaining, discussing, and reviewing specific problems.  In this lesson I used the pen tool and it turned out great.  I was impressed that it was able to mark up a video.
In the future I’d like to have an activity set up following the video. Ideas could be a discussion on sunspots or to have students do an outline and see how it compares with the information in the text book.

I’d like to find alternative ways to assess the students on their understanding of the reading passage.  For the next lesson I would re-do the lesson objectives and brainstorm ways to meet those objectives. 
Reviewing the video I found my explanations to be bit repetitive. For the next lesson I want to explain clearly and concisely.

A technical problem was a delay which made communication difficult.  The student and I often talked at the same time or cut each other off.  The delay was also present when we were watching the video.  Resolving audio problems can be tricky because of a number of variables, but having the student use headphones might help.  With the conversation delay possible solutions might be to pause after expressing an idea or to use Adobe Connect through local connections.


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