Edtech 503 Topic One Notes: ID Job Description

Instructional Design involves a sequence of steps to design and develop instruction or instructional material.  It is the job of an instructional designer to develop materials which will promote learning a topic, skills or encourage learners to do further research (Brown & Green p. 6).

Instruction is anything that facilitates or supports learning (Larson & Lockee p. 3)

ID is a systematic of development of instruction (Brown & Green p. 5).

System – a combination of parts which forms a more complex whole unit.  An example of a systematic process used for designing instruction is ADDIE.  A system shows that many variables within and one of those can effect the system (Larson & Lockee p. 8).

Model – something that’s a reflection of reality.  Dick and Carey’s systems approach model.  Kemp, Morrison and Ross’s plan
Process – systematic series of actions in order to reach a goal
Prototype – the original or model which something is based on

ADDIE (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate) is a systematic model used by instructional designers.  It’s an iterative process or a repetitive process meaning that you should continuously review, revise, develop, evaluate. 

Competency – having the skills, knowledge, and attitude to perform a task

Job titles which can refer to instructional design:

  1. instructional and educational technology
  2. instructional systems design
  3. learning sciences
  4. technical communications
  5. instructional psychology
  6. e-learning
  7. training and development
  8. open and distance education

Instructional Designers
Focus on how people learn
Focus on how people learn
Analyze the lesson objective for the purpose of creation
Analyze the lesson objectives for purpose of transference
Develop instruction to be used by an instructor
Utilizes the instructional activity or material.
Deliver instruction and test to see if it was effective. Help students learn through a more indirect manner
Deliver instruction. Help students learn the through direct contact
Always looks to refine and improvise the instruction through process like ADDIE
Always look to refine or adjust the material and teaching methods according to ability, class size, teaching environment, etc.
Evaluates the training material to see if it was effective
Evaluates the student to see if they learned the material
Connects with SME, ID, teachers
Connects with students, admin. staff, parents


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