Edtech 504 Reflection 4

A couple weeks ago I watch a PBS documentary called Secrets of the Mind.  The video described the routing of information as it starts from an external source in the real world and then goes through a specific channels for processing and understanding.  The visual description showed that different types of knowledge and learning create a different routing system.  Interestingly, in the case studies, people who had alterations in their brain due to accidents had altered perception of reality as a result of incorrect information routing. 
As I pondered more about the millions of synapses in the brain and complexity of learning, I began to picture educational technology in a similar fashion – learning dictated by a wide variety of connections where each connection point represents a tool for learning.  These include all learning theories, knowledgeable people, tools for transmitting and receiving information, tools for organization, and the others that I may have missed.  The connections put together create a learning path and differences in the variables will alter the shape of the paths.  However, not all connections will be correct.  Those made from obsolete knowledge will lead to misunderstanding.  In the video, a man who lost his arm from an accident continued to feel pain from the missing limb.  His brain failed to recognize that the limb was no longer there and was unable to make the appropriate adjustments.  Connections for information processing remained the same, and as a result it created a skewed perception of reality.

My research paper focused on metacognitive strategies for reading comprehension, which included strategies and techniques for reading comprehension.  I’d like to see if researchers have developed effective strategies for the application of connectivism.


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