Edtech 504 Reflection 5

When I consider the important things that I learned in EDTECH 504, one would be that the theories serve as the backbone for learning and technology. Theories help to understand how people learn and technology attempts to organize this complex process into manageable pieces to facilitate learning. Without an understanding of how learning works, technology for learning becomes less efficient. A second interesting development was an awakening through the process of trying to better understand how individuals create meaning from experiences, and thus, develop unique interpretations of reality. The concept, based on constructivism, was initially hard to accept, but continuous thinking, researching, and learning helped to understand the possibilities of multiple realities. This process led me to explore the subconscious mind, and the role it has on beliefs and reality. With further investigation, I hope to have a deeper understanding of the effects it has on learning.

Experiences from this course has broadened my perspective on what it means to learn. It has allowed me better appreciate and observe the connected nature of education, which previously was unclear. Studying the principles from behaviorism, cognitivism, constructivism, and connectivism helped to understand that learning occurs at different levels connected through a diverse network of people, tools, resources, and the environment. This deeper understanding has positively impacted and will continue to reflect how I develop instructions and teach.

My research paper on metacognitive strategies for reading comprehension has impacted my profession as an ESL instructor. The research brought to my attention new comprehension strategies and techniques to develop a student’s metacognitive awareness and self-learning management skills. In addition to utilizing the strategies recommended from the research, I hope to discover new techniques for using these strategies.

The AECT has five standards: Design, Development, Utilization, Management, and Evaluation. The assignment, Learning Theories Paper, affected Design because understanding how people learn results in more effective instructional systems. It allows the instructor to plan different instructional strategies at both the micro and macro levels of instruction by using principles from different learning theories. This assignment and Definitions of Ed Tech addressed Development and Utilization. The principles of learning affect how instructional materials and experiences are created. One principle in constructivism stated that social interaction improves learning. Understanding this principle and educational technology, an instructor may consider different technologies that are available to develop instructional materials or experiences that facilitates learning supporting this principle. Throughout the development process, the instructor must also consider Utilization by planning the context of how the materials will be used. My research paper on metacognitive strategies addressed the AECT standards of Management and Evaluation. In metacognitive strategies, the instructor helps students develop the skills to plan, monitor, evaluate their own learning. They learn to manage different resources and determine the effectiveness of their plan by analyzing the technology used with the results. Students are able to better understand their own learning, and thus, and take a more active role in its development.


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