Strategies for Teaching Vocabulary

This multimedia project looks a bit plain from presentations I’ve done in the past because I tried to minimize images that only had decorative function.  Following the guidelines for effective PPT presentations, I also minimized all unnecessary text but included enough words so that viewers could get an idea of what was to be covered.  This included creating a headline using a subject and verb in active voice. However, I didn’t always follow this rule; in some of the headline slides, one word seemed sufficient.  Using minimal images and text, the slides may look a bit empty. In the future I should probably further review the slides to see if I can group things better or further research and add more information.  A key principle in ELSI was that learning is more effective when using both text and graphic.  As a result, I added organizational chart to present the information in a more orderly fashion and again reduced the amount of text within the chart to minimize cognitive overload.  With the images that I included, I asked myself, “Does the image help support the learning objective?”

Project 1: Multimedia Presentation


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