Solar Road Lesson

This is done 1:1 synchronously online using news articles from The Teen Times.  The purpose is to do light reading comprehension and practice speaking using particular vocabulary or sentence structure with middle school students from grades 7th to 9th.  This particular lesson was about a solar bike path that had been recently constructed in the Netherlands.  The lesson plan and podcast are available by clicking the links: Solar Road and Solar road podcast.

Image of solar bike path

The focus of this lesson was to have students practice asking direct information questions and company-and-me questions. These questions would serve as a way to self-review important information and provide a supplemental activity to research more about the solar bike path company.  The students were to construct two kinds of questions: one was to use the verb “be” and the other using any other verb. Examples would look like:

  1. Where is the company from?
  2. What do the solar panels generate?

I was a little surprised by the difficulty students had in making questions.  As a result, much of the lesson was spent analyzing and deconstructing sentences into a simplified forms and then identifying key words to make questions and then practicing.


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