Strategy for Making Insights

Previously I taught this strategy and found it to be trickier for students grasp and apply than some of the others that I’ve used.  I think part of the reason they have trouble making insights is because they are still in the process of decoding the information when we go over a reading passage.  So my goal was to create a more effective way to apply this strategy and design the lesson using the principles from Wiggin’s and McTighe’s backward design.  The end goal is for students to make insight after reading a passage, and to develop the knowledge and skills, students will need to prerequisite two activities.  First, the student and I look for words to better understand for a particular section of a passage and share and discuss our findings.  Then we practice reading the same section and make notes.  The third step is to review the notes and then make insights.  Assessment for this lesson could be done in three ways. One would be to have a test on the vocabulary words.  Second, the teacher could observe the student’s notes and insights. And the third way could be a performance assessment where students would be evaluated on their vocabulary notes, passage notes, and the insights they made.


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