Learning Guide for Online Courses

Design with Organization in Mind provided instructions on how to develop a learning guide. The learning guide serves as a To Do List for students to complete in a module and it also serves as a guide for faculty when planning modules. The article stated that a learning guide has six elements. These were module and course identification, learning outcomes, learning resources, learning activities, self-assessment, and lesson evaluation. An idea from the article that really stuck out for me was putting in sufficient time to complete the learning guide thoroughly because it will remove the headaches after a course has been implemented.  Students will know what to expect and they will know where to go to access the information and resources.  Much of the questions that students will likely have about the module can be answered in the learning guide if proper care has been made in the preparation.  It includes a lot of information, and all them important to a module, but they might seem overwhelming for a person new to this process.  Simplifying this task could make it more manageable and one way to do this would be to apply a second major principles mentioned in this article, which was to prioritize by focusing on the must do items first, and then follow with should do and nice to do items.  The author stated that one of the mistakes that he made was spending too much time adding all the bells and whistles for the first module and not leaving enough time for rest of the modules.  This may occur with me because with all this new information I’ve been exposed to, I think it would be easy to go off in a tangent to review and digest it all.  I’ll think these four words to keep myself on track: must do items first and add enhancements later.


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