Lesson Audi’s E-diesel

Objective: Students will research and actively think of the word while completing each of the criteria. Students will present their word. Student will read story and decode its message.
Outcome: Student will be able to think about the key pieces of information from the story and make connections with a personal experience. First year and second year middle school ESL students.

Word Analysis: This will look at words using the list of criteria.
1. definition in English or native language
2. example
3. example
4. story example: this will give students a chance to reexamine after knowing the definition and make comparison with other examples
5. people that could be associated with the word
6. place that could be associated with the word

Sample story for middle schoolers learning English as a second language:
The German automotive manufacturer Audi has created eco-friendly fuel called e-diesel. Its production process, which only requires (needs) solar and wind energy, water, and CO2, will be of great help in preserving nature.

Bring to attention two questions that students should figure out:
1. What did the manufacturer make?
2. Why does the e-diesel preserve nature?

Bring to attention a central message of the story: preserving nature. Ask students if this is important to them. Asked students if they have “perserved nature.” Ask students about things that are important for middle school students.

Assessment: Reflection that looks at the word they studied, summary of the story with thoughts on the things covered in the lesson and thoughts on perserving nature.


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