Motivation Techniques

Design for Motivation by Dirksen talked about the rules or principles that we could apply to motivate people to change a particular behavior.  Reading this article made me think about videos and websites that I had visited in the past where companies used the same techniques to convince viewers to use their product.  One technique that stood out was the social aspect of motivation.  Website often have celebrity endorsements or quotes from ordinary users who have had positive experiences.  I personally have relied on this many times when having to make a decision.  Another technique was simplifying the process to use the product (Confidence in John Keller’s ARCS).  I see this often with Adobe or music program called Ableton.  These products are quite complex but to see a demonstrator create a finished product in a matter minutes can be very attractive.  The thought also came my head that the same rules could be used generate new business for a company.  The article stressed that these rules were practical when a change was necessary in an organization (as a means to justify the change). However, it could also be used when developing instructions.  One set specified the attributes created by Everett Roger. His first attribute was relative advantage (and could connect with Attention in John Keller’s ARCS). This could be helpful to convince parents who want to decide which educational place to send their children.  It could also be used to show students a new learning technique, explaining and showing its advantages so that students are aware of its usefulness.  The technique makes a lot of sense, but may prove to be ineffective in situations where students have to take a course that they don’t particularly want to.  In a situation like this it will be essential to apply other motivation techniques, creating a right balance of these techniques, and knowing the your students.


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