Lesson Great and Greatly

Objective: Student analyze the word greatly and make notes of their findings. Student will present their word. Student will look at different examples of great and greatly. Student will read a simple story using the words.  First year and second year middle school ESL students.
Outcome: Student will be able to distinguish the usage in great and greatly.

Assessment: Students will take a quiz using great and greatly. Student will write a simple story and practice using the words in the story.

Learning activities and experiences: Have students analyze the word using a set up predefined criteria. To change the monotony, add new or different criteria. Have students present their word. I like to have students practice saying their word multiple times during the presentation. You my find that students incorrectly use the word greatly and so this would be a good opportunity to do a quick review of adjectives and adverbs.  Provide some examples for students looks at. Have them make correct choices.  Provide a simple story for students to read. Make note of the words great and greatly in the story.  Finally, have students write their own short story using the words.


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