Definition of Game

A game is when players partake in an activity with defined rules to reach a particular objective. Players may interact in multiple ways: competitively alone with the game, against another player, or as a team.  It requires players to utilize mental and physical skills which impacts the results. Players are attached mentally or emotionally due various reasons (overcoming a challenge, glory, competition, visual, audio stimulation) and thus provide the motivation to participate.  Some games are vague in whether they qualify as a game or not.  The element of competition can help clear up this ambiguity.  If I were to think about a presentation or presentation contest, the contest could be considered a game because participants compete with one another to reach a specific ranking.  A second important determinant is the idea of winning or losing or to reach a goal. It helps to distinguish activities that are considered leisure or “play.” Some leisure activities would not be considered a game. For example, if I were to go to the gym and exercise, this would considered a leisure activity because there is no concept of winning or losing involved.  But I could change this by defining what it would take to win and further add an element of self-competition to provide motivation and exhilaration upon completion.  Even an activity such as a lottery could be a game because, even though it doesn’t require any skills, the player has attached the idea of winning or losing into the activity. Some games may not be thought of as a game in the traditional sense but it could be depending on the perception of its people.  Maintaining in the strongest economy in the world is not thought of as a game but it could be a game if participants decide to and agree to the terms.  The other option is to create this as a simulation.






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