Games in the Classroom

Games in class_Infographic

The infographic Gaming in the Classroom from had several reasons on why games should be in used in classrooms.  The point that resonated with me was the motivation factor.  Motivation can be such a powerful precursor to learning.  Students spend more time on the subject and view mistakes as a normal process rather than a deficiency in ability.  It stated that games motivate students because they allow students to manipulate objects, have control over actions, and participate in experiential learning.  Experiential learning includes problem solving and analyzing.  It’s the primary reason why a game like Oregon Trail can still be engaging after fifty years.  Another important factor to add is competition.  It fuels the desire to win or achieve the stated goal.  Games are usually a social event and so they provides many opportunities for user to interact with other players and I would say a strong motivation for getting involved in Second Life, in addition to the ideas mentioned from the infographic.  Collaboration is helpful in developing camaraderie and overcoming challenges.


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