Games Make a Better World

@0:31 Why didn’t I think of that?
@0:45 Wow – a lot of hours!
@1:18 21 billion hours every week!!??  That’s just redonkulous!
@1:51 I should try and self-record video while gaming – could lead to some good laughs.
@2:55 Had an epic win in Halo; awesome feeling after so many hours invested!
@3:20 Interesting thought: good at games but not in life.
@4:34 World of Warcraft is popular in South Korea; others include League of Legend and Minecraft.
@7:55 Interesting thought: 10,000 hours to be an expert in anything – Malcolm Gladwell?
@9:17 Skills of a gamer: motivation, social development, productivity, desire to do something meaningful
@11:20 Interesting thought: gamers think they can save virtual world but not the real world.
@16:18 World Without Oil looks – I’d like to participate. These games provide data and setting where players apply in real life and play as a game. Love this idea!

The speaker stated the four skills that gamers have. It had me thinking that these four skills could be applied to any business or school situation for a successful endeavor. Having a belief in a meaningful cause will spark motivation and productivity. The social bond with other members will further energize the three factors. It just so happens that games facilitate this kind of environment.  Gamers believe that they can only difference in the virtual world. And so one of the reasons it’s not happening in the real world is that one of the four factors is not being fully utilized.  It could also help to explain why some games are better than others.



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