Lesson: 100-Year-Old Breaks Athletic Records

I created and taught this lesson in a 1:1 online synchronous environment for 6, 7, and 8th grade students who are second language learners. The lesson has two parts each consisting of 50 minutes.  Feel free to tweak to suit your learning environment. If you find that the lesson did not go as planned, please contact me so that I can assist with troubleshooting. Download 100 Year Old Man Breaks Records.  Check current articles at http://www.phonetimes.co.kr/.

Objective: Read, make notes, summarize, identify theme, connect theme with personal story.

  • Preview the story: talk about Olympics, show pictures of track and field events.
  • Analyze word: students choose word from text; review explain how to do; give 10 minutes independent time; return and present word.  Teacher can also participate and demonstrate/present word.
  • Shadow read, reflect on sentence(s), decide on most important words, ideas, and make notes. Demonstrate to students.  Continue read, reflect, get students to input key words, ideas to note, assist where necessary. While reading assess particular words that may be new; explain and spend time as necessary.
  • Summarize in sections using information from notes to practice speaking and review. Demonstrate for students.
  • Continue to read, reflect, make notes, check for words and understanding.
    Summarize story again. May need to simply the number of verbs for lower levels.
  • Explain theme: review notes, reflect, and identify theme. Help as needed; show how expand on the theme. Have students provide a personal story connected to the theme; demonstrate for students. End of part 1

Part 2

  • Review first section story through summary.
  • Preview second paragraph; choose and analyze new word; in addition, have students review previous word and add new information to the word (new step I’ve added to the word analysis exercise to review and further build knowledge on existing word).
  • Shadow read second paragraph in sections, reflect, and make notes.
  • Summarize and review using notes.
  • Continue to read, reflect, and make notes.
  • Summarize again.
  • Identify theme in second paragraph; discuss personal story connected to theme; demonstrate with example.

Assignment: writing: summarize story, identify one of the themes from the story, and write a personal story that relates to the theme.





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