Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 is a first person shooter that simulates a soldier in hunting mode to destroy terrorists.  The game is fast paced and provides a realistic simulation using the built in a gyroscope in a smartphone or tablet.  The game is free to download and available on both android and iOS devices.  The game would probably be not viewed favorably in a school environment, but it does provide learning opportunities for both teachers and students.  Additional thoughts about the game: Using Modern Combat for education audio file.

Learning activities:

  • Learn tactics for entering rooms, going up stairs, methods for taking cover and shooting, techniques for improving shooting accuracy.
  • Watch a video that shows the training to be a marine recon: Surviving the Cut.
  • Compare and contrast different weapons and gear, their advantages and disadvantages
  • Analyze a case study about a particular battle scene.
  • Analyze a particular conflict zone and choose a weapon that’s best suited and explain rational.
  • Analyze and discuss gun culture in America in particular AR-15.
  • Plan and strategize in multiplayer mode.
  • Learn technical vocabulary.
  • Play game and reflect using media of choice; experience, learning that occurred, likes, dislikes, accomplishments, easy/difficult tasks, etc.


4/4 Soldier level 41.  Changing weapons on the move more fluid with better understanding of when it is appropriate.  Able access full map view of map; Know locations to take cover and wait for enemies.

4/1 Joined a squad but inconvenient because you have to wait for teammates to be online. Easier to join an ongoing battle in a multiplayer mode.

3/25 Got a win in free-for-all multiplayer mode (yes- it’s a proud moment); accidentally performed a slide while running.  Using the gyroscope has given a more realistic experience.

3/9 Chapter 3 part 3 spec ops; soldier level 14; using scope more proficiently; know better tactics in multiplayer mode; learned melee attack.

3/6 Played for about two weeks and currently at chapter 3. More authentic is multiplayer mode.



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