Gaming for Love

An info graphic from Online stated that gamers have irresistible characteristics which are attractive to women.  I think the trait women find most attractive is a smart mind.  Gamers are problem solvers.  They are constantly presented with challenges and must find ways to overcome them by analyzing the problem, developing skills and experimenting.  Gamers are also very clever in that many know about the tricks of the trade.  They are usually able to find secrets techniques or world normally unaware to the casual user.  I looked up the game modern combat to learn how to do a particular skill.  While searching for this I accidentally came across a game hack on how to do a computer assisted head shots.  It was neat that someone was able to figure this out, but I feel that it takes away from the game play because it’s seems to be like cheating. It would be better if this was a skill that could be earned through experience points and made available to all players.

Games can bring people together so I would say the possibility of making friendship is more realistic than love.  Gaming communities provides a gathering place where members can have a variety of discussions on a shared interest.  Much of these are the result of MMO games (massive multiplayer online).  The shared interest has more to do with the game’s irresistible features: feel good affects on the brain, overcoming challenges, competition, social connections,  and being immersed as a character in a story.

I’ve become reacquainted with games and slightly addicted. Coffee break?  No, couple sessions of Modern Combat 5 will be fine to get the adrenaline going.  Apparently others also share this feeling based on the current statistics on games.  Are you closet gamers? 🙂


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