Game Review: Plague Inc.

Plague Inc is a simulation game that has a player infect the world with deadly bacteria. This game is free to download and available on both Android and iOS.  In-app purchases are not required to start and finish a game.  The game is simple to learn which allows for immediate impact for learning applications.  Learning activities (quests) can be set up using a connectivist-constructivist model and managed using 3D GameLab.

Outcome: Identify and explain how disease spread and the underlying difficulties medical practitioners have in preventing infections and death.  Define and analyze technical vocabulary. Identify how bacteria are transmitted. Identify common symptoms. Analyze how bacteria and symptoms evolve.  Develop a theory on best practices for containing a bacteris.


  1. Play game and reflect on experience using media technology of choice: blog, VLOG, screencast, etc.
  2. Students choose and define vocabulary; peform word analysis
  3. Examine info graphics that shows the process and evolution of bacteria; may be well-suited for visual or basic learners
  4. Watch videos that are related to the topic and appropriately adjusted; follow with summary and personal thoughts
  5. Play game; compare and analyze the tables and charts provided at the end
  6. Show presentation in Voicethread; students respond to speaker or eachother using media of choice
  7. Play and design topics for live discussions or using a discussion board
  8. Choose case study of virus or bacteria that seriously impacted region or country in modern times or in history
  9. Develop writing activities that follows TOEFL’s independent and integrated writing tasks
  10. Identify most common types of bacteria in an average house
  11. Work in groups for inquiry-based activity
  12. Research a topic related a bacteria using resources and documenting personal learning path





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