Transmission from Mysts of Eyr

Role playing in Second life may take some time getting used to. If you feel like it’s you that’s talking rather than a character, here are some tips to help with the transition.  To begin, see if there is a supplemental resource such as a website which will provide background information about the virtual world.  From there you’ll likely be aware of the rules for engagement and etiquette.  Communication should be done through in character or out of character in the local chat. In character means you are talking as a character and out of character means talking as yourself. This can be expressed as IC and OOC. When sending a message out of character use double parenthesis, for example: ((need to check my Wi-Fi)). Also acronyms should be avoided when in character such as LOL.  However, I would guess that using them out of character would be okay, but may want to double check this to avoid offending others. There are likely to be other rules and tips specific to that virtual world. For example, administrators of Mysts of Eyr recommend using emotions and being expressive in writing to bring the character’s personality, but avoiding acronyms.

Regular practice will likely be the key to transforming yourself as a character.  Before diving right into Second Life you may want to look at some of the resources on YouTube to find demonstrations on how to get in character.  Another thing would  be to watch movies, dramas or read novels and think more critically about that character.  In the website of Mysts of Eyr, they recommended thinking like the character and determining how the character would behave in a given situation.

Exploring in Second Life showed a form of role play which is different from role playing games (RPGs).  In a game like Dungeon Hunter 4, you become a character and the emphasis is on customizing the character with weapons, armor, and potion to fight monsters.  Much of the interaction is to explore and save the land and its people from destruction.  Second Life allows players to visit different virtual worlds from one location. You embody a character but the interaction is with other characters who are controlled by people.  There is a more social and collaborative effort.  Both can be interesting. Which option would you explore?


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