Second Life: Dublin

The virtual space Dublin looked like a realistic modern coastal city.  It was a combination of a small downtown space surrounded by a residential area, beach, and park.  I think the purpose of the city is to provide a social meeting place. In the the park there’s information on how to friend and chat with people in the environment using the tools in Second Life.  The park even had clickable objects, which would animate avatars to start dancing to music in the background.  The downtown area had various shops. Two of these were selling jewelry and tattoos to accessorize your character. Like many of the virtual worlds, the place was not occupied by many people. The place with the most people was the bar where gatherers were hanging out and relaxing.  

I tried to start a conversation as a character from the future who had accidentally been teleported to this location.   My goal was to act as a person totally unfamiliar with life on earth, but pretending to not know was more difficult than I expected. Nonetheless, the attempt provided a learning experience.  Each time I role play I allows me to build from the previous experience to further expand my knowledge on ways to participate.  With that in mind, next time I enter a role play atmosphere, thinking and planning on how to respond in character will be useful.  Another thing is to have a goal.  If it’s to gather information, a plan should be made in how to complete this mission.

Because this environment looked like a realistic city, it would provide good environment for second language learners to practice giving and listening to directions.  They could work together in groups or to make it more realistic, they could ask for directions from the people at the bar.


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