Modern Combat 5: Ka-Boom!

Just having fun trying out the screen record feature. My current rating is between 1350 to 1450. To put it in perspective, this is about the middle level. Beginners are at about 1000 and the very skilled players are between 2000 to 3000 points. I’ve played this game for about 4 months and easily clocked over 100 hours (can you say game addiction), which is regularly updated with the game’s internal data recording system. I’ve sort of hit a plateau, which could be a problem because a lack in progress will eventually disengage a player. One reason for continuing is that multiplayer mode provides a unique experience for each play even though the environment is constant. The other reason is curiosity (and desire). I’d like to know how the heck some of these players are able to aim and shoot so efficiently. I’m using a good rifle — Tier 5 out of Tier 7. Hopefully my reflexes aren’t that slow!  I thought it could be due to a computer system’s capability with people playing on different game systems, but the game is primarily for mobile devices so the play should be consistent unless the device is old or there’s static internet connection, which then could create some sluggishness. The other factor might be the VIP feature. In the video I said that there are no in-app purchases. Most of that is true except for the VIP packages, which I haven’t really explored very much. But I haven’t really had a need to since I was making good progress. Perhaps this experience was intentional from the game developers. To allow players to test the game for significant amount of time before determining if it’s worthwhile to make additional in-app purchases. I would say that’s pretty generous. It’s made me a fan, and one of the reasons why I wasn’t fond of Clash of Clans. In that game, players almost immediately need to make in-app purchases to have the option to speed up the simulation process or else consume a lot of time waiting.


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