Instruction: Marine Life Conservation Using Art


Overview: The purpose of this lesson is to help students raise awareness about marine life conservation using art.

Objectives: In the lesson students will collect trash, discuss important themes in marine life conservation, utilize creativity, and techniques in art to create an art project.

Part 1

Introduce the topic using a video, images, or relevant reading passage. Stimulate a discussion with students to share thoughts on some of the central issues. Have students think outside the video and think of other issues relevant to marine conservation in the local area. Video:

Part 2

Explain to students the purpose of the project (protecting the environment and using debris in a positive manner). Students will take a trip to a local area to collect trash. Note: Equipment that they might need are rubber gloves, a bag or bucket; may also need to consider methods for cleanliness and disinfection.

Part 3

Introduce the word theme and explain what it means. Remind students of the video and discussion, and have them think about what some of the themes might be. Demonstrate examples of artwork created from trash. Consider the theme and critically analyze the work. Give students an assignment either in class or for homework, and have them select an artwork and critically analyze it. Provide a rubric for reference. Have them critique each other’s work.


Part 4

Students are ready to create their own project! Provide supplemental tools which would help with the process.

Environmental education in Hawaii:

Samples artwork: Google search: ocean trash into art

SREB online course checklist:



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