Air BnB New User

On my recent trip to Hawaii, my girlfriend and I decided to explore Air BnB. If you’re cost conscious this is the way to go. You get a private room and also access to the kitchen and living room. Met a nice family from California while staying at the first house. They were originally from Hawaii but currently live in CA to raise their son. They were visiting their daughter who attends a university in HI. The service is well organized and connected with corporate company. They handle money transactions and refunds. One of the rooms we had to cancel and the process was to: tell owner, owner contacts Air bnb, and Air bnb sends confirmation via email.

I wouldn’t mind using the service again but would advise to be thorough in researching and asking more questions in order to get a room that matches expectations and avoid surprises. The first room had bad air (damp, dusty) which made breathing uncomfortable. The second location (not Air bnb but similar style) had great interior (clean, nice amenities), but outside street traffic was incredibly noisy with traffic very late into the evening. The third house was in nice neighborhood and comfortable to rest.


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