Edtech 522 Module 5: Course Outline

In module 5 I will plan and develop a course that can be taught online. The course will focus on faculty development in instructional technology to improve student achievement through online presence. The course has five modules with a detailed outline of module 4, which has three objectives: develop a working definition of blended learning, identify best practices, and create a personal rubric to measure quality. The work is still in progress: http://edtechdev.mrooms2.net/course/view.php?id=717


Course Outcome: Help faculty develop online presence through a blended learning approach by developing their knowledge and skills in instructional technology.

Module 1: Theory on how adults learn
Module 2: Evaluate an online tool
Module 3: Learn how to make a screencast
Module 4: Learn about blended learning
Module 5: Design a lesson or module for a blended environment

Module 4 Objective: Learn about blended learning: description of what it is, best practices, and a method for evaluating its quality or effectiveness.


  1. Description of blended learning: view link
  2. Tips for teachers new to blended learning: view link
  3. Five helpful tips for teaching online: view link
  4. Transformative potential for blended learning: view link
  5. Things to consider and example courses: view link
  6. Rubrics to measure the quality of blended courses: view link

Activity 1: Discussion board: describe your experience or understanding of blended learning. What are the best practices for effective learning in a blended environment?

Activity 2: Create a rubric to measure the quality of a blended course. Using personal experience and/or research, justify your choices.


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