Mobile Learning Observation

Liberation Day yesterday in South Korea and so my gf and I decided to spend the late morning at the coffee shop. I was reading an article on mobile learning when the thought came that a lot of people come to the coffee shop to study. Although people rage that m-Learning is the future I find that it’s not very convenient to do much learning specifically smartphones except for searching information and communicating via phone or messaging. But anyway here is my observation:

  • girl with a laptop and smartphone
  • man reading a book
  • two men discussion
  • woman studying with a laptop and book
  • gf reading a book and me laptop and smartphone

I personally find it difficult to do any sort of studying done at the coffee shop particularly reading due to all the distractions. To overcome this obstacle I find an audio book to be effective, which allows me to receive information from both the audio and visual channels or listening to noise or natural sounds. Examples of the second option are binaural beats or the pattering of rain. Listening to these allows meaningful work to be done such as collecting and synthesizing different pieces of information for apply for a task. Are there other solutions for effective m-Learning?

Creating mobile learning that works by TATA:


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