Challenges in Blended Learning


Kineo, The Oxford Group. (2013). Blended learning–Current use, challenges, and best practices. Retrieved from

  • Designing and developing is difficult; companies have less than 50% people who have expertise in blended learning to properly manage this kind of learning (p. 4).

Key component of online educational world are MOOCs; Talks about the history of MOOCs; problem is that high quality are are expensive to produce but offer as free service; likely that they need to charge to cover development costs; talked about “pixar” branch?? kid version of established university??

Moocs and educational reform: State legisation is pushing for higher education online; giving credit for online courses ; univ as place of researach led to high cost we know today.

Some things better suited for online such as manipulation and visualization of data; other things still better in class such as speaking and presenations; still need humans to evaluate writing; big bulk of research still in person because learning needs to be hands on.

Blending for success: near future best education will combine the online and offline; Clay christenson said there is possibility that blending learning will eventually lead to completely online education.

In the beginning: they talked about flipped classes; useonline for lecture and first order learning, use in class for higher order learning; facutty development in online, offline, and blended learning will be key to its success.

From credentials to speedier degrees: colleges may use online for introductory courses; this would reduce time to finish; class time could be used for discussions and advanced research; things that online does not do well: discussion seminars, research, writing, and student faculty interactions; big challenge/uncertainty is going to be what’s going to happend to traditional f2f universities.

Evolving business model: online courses expensive to develop; require interactivity; textbook publishers also entering online education; online is good at providing content and information, making assessment; offline good at discussion, mentoring, research



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