Watch “How Your Brain Can Turn Anxiety into Calmness”

Today I felt unusually calm due to what I did the previous week. On Wed, Th, and Fri I did intermittent fasting with no meat on those days. On Sunday I went to public bathhouse in the countryside and did close to two hours of meditation, which was a combination of positive affirmations; and clearing thoughts and focusing on the breathing. The sense of peacefulness made me curious to learn more about the topic. A search on the internet led Dr. Rossman’s lecture. His recommendations were different. Key points were:

  1. The idea of neuroplasticity to state that the brain has the ability to change
  2. Accept and not worry about things we cannot change; take actions for the things that we can
  3. Look for answers from the wisdom part of the brain
  4. Imagining a peaceful comfortable place with particular attention to each of the senses

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