About Me

The video is my final location in Korea prior to moving back to the US. The city was Yangsan, a suburb of Busan. The area was predominantly farmland but a transformation was occurring in 2016. In the video image you can see new houses being built and if I could swing the image to the left, you would see many new apartments and communities already completed and in the process of.

I taught English in Korea for nine years which included major language academies, a community center, and a local neighborhood learning academy. The experience had a direct impact in the development of my interest in education and to pursue it as a career. I taught reading comprehension and communication skills to students in all age brackets, elementary to adults. When I first started teaching in 2007, I was in a traditional brick-and-mortar environment. But after 2012 I began to tutor students online using Skype. The transition came about when I moved to Seoul to study Korean language but did not want to give up my students. And so that was a turning point that guided me to educational technology.



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