About Me

I’m Rob. My professional background for the past nine years has been directly involved in K-12 and adult English education for second language learners. I taught English in Korea at corporate language academies, a community center, and a local neighborhood learning academy. The experience allowed me to develop skills as a teacher and understand the Korean educational system and practices. The topics that I taught were reading comprehension and communication. Classes were in a traditional face-to-face environment or 1:1 online. During the lessons the students and I went over reading passages and incorporated different learning strategies, which included self-directed learning, making notes, visualizing text, summarizing, inquiry-based learning, and making personal connections. Lessons utilized projects, activities, games, and discussions to reinforce topics. Unlike traditional class where a teacher has students in a particular age group, my experience has been to manage and interact with students in diverse age ranges and skills. This has meant being more acutely aware of wide differences and appropriately modifying lessons and taking more preparations for effective communication.

After I began to teach online in 2012, I entered the master’s program in educational technology to further develop skills in teaching online and instructional design. I took fundamental courses that introduced educational technology, coding for web design, instructional design, learning theories, and evaluating instructional materials. In addition, I took specialized courses that focused on teaching online for both adults and children, games and simulations for learning, developing effective multimedia for education, and online course design. In each of the courses, I researched many topics related to learning and technology and created artifacts that included writing reports, evaluations, using and testing different technologies, and creating instructional materials. My interests are to further research topics in educational technology particularly in creating learning experiences using smartphones and global learning networks.

In 2014, while teaching and attending Boise State online, I participated in a summer internship at Lake Sumter State College as an instructional design intern. The internship was online, which meant I completed my tasks at home and submitted all works via Blackboard and communicated with the other members using email or a web conferencing program. My duties included creating ADA compliant tutorials, transferring existing resources into online friendly formats, and uploading course materials into Blackboard for online delivery. In 2015, I worked at Lee Pesky Learning Center as a multimedia specialist. I collaborated with staff members and educational consultants to redesign their professional math development course. I had a variety of responsibilities all related to modifying multimedia content and adding interactivity using Adobe Captivate. Similar to Lake Sumter State College, regular communications to report progress were done through Skype and email, and we used Dropbox to share and store resources.


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