Activities to Support Number & Operations

Final revision of the course Every Child Ready for Math. This course was designed for early child math professional and administered by Lee Pesky Learning Center. Click to view: Activities to Support N&O


ECRM Order & Measuring

Ordering n measuringThe image is from a video that explains the concepts ordering and measuring in the project Every Child Ready for Math. The video was prepped and exported as two video files in PPT, imported into Vegas to add transition and resize the project to its specification in Captivate (Cp), and then imported into Cp.  The narration was actually added in Cp so that I could add closed captioning. The reason for using Vegas was primarily for the transition, which was stagnant when published in Cp. Click to view the video.

Project 4: Worked Example Screencast

This project is a worked example of using the reading strategy thinking out-loud.  It explains what it is, why we use, how we use, and how it applies to the task. The project was organaized by considering the segmenting principle and the pretraining principle.  I created the sections by identifying the project’s major concepts.  I considered the pretraining in this instructional video to be what the strategy was and why we use it.  Having this information would help students better understand how to apply the strategy into a task.  You’ll also notice that the video has many sentences with the first person plural and second person voice.  This was done to convey a more casual tone in the lesson. This project was recorded and edited in Captivate.