Sunday’s Snack


Wow this came out nice!~~ Potato egg salad on toasted bagel w melted pepper jack. I used mustard mayo from the store and added parsley, olive oil, touch of worcestershire, seasonings, and chia seeds to give it texture. Definitely recommend the bagel; the crispy chewy taste makes a nice combination.


Da Hawaiian Poke

This was first restaurant to visit after landing in Honolulu. The location is in an outdoor plaza west of Waikiki and north of Diamond Head. The main dish is a rice salad bowl. You get rice, two choices of fish or seafood of salad, and side dishes for 11 or 14 dollars depending on size. The fish or seafood salad is similar to chicken salad mix but with different marinades and spices. The sides are combination of western and asian style that included kimchee cucumber, seaweed salad, and traditional potato salad. I recommend the the tuna or salmon salad. I thought the tuna marinade was a little salty but overall nice, casual place worth visiting again.


Map reference:


Air BnB New User

On my recent trip to Hawaii, my girlfriend and I decided to explore Air BnB. If you’re cost conscious this is the way to go. You get a private room and also access to the kitchen and living room. Met a nice family from California while staying at the first house. They were originally from Hawaii but currently live in CA to raise their son. They were visiting their daughter who attends a university in HI. The service is well organized and connected with corporate company. They handle money transactions and refunds. One of the rooms we had to cancel and the process was to: tell owner, owner contacts Air bnb, and Air bnb sends confirmation via email.

I wouldn’t mind using the service again but would advise to be thorough in researching and asking more questions in order to get a room that matches expectations and avoid surprises. The first room had bad air (damp, dusty) which made breathing uncomfortable. The second location (not Air bnb but similar style) had great interior (clean, nice amenities), but outside street traffic was incredibly noisy with traffic very late into the evening. The third house was in nice neighborhood and comfortable to rest.

BBQ Chx Sandwich Needs Analysis

Busan City Park has an international festival every May, which highlights performances, crafts, and foods from different countries. The smells caught my attention, but unfortunately the tastes didn’t match the smell. But it did give people an opportunity to sample foods from other countries. One tent represented America, and it was also a disappointment in what they offered. They had cheap hot dogs and hamburgers, which didn’t make sense because Korea already has many hamburger and hot dog franchises with products better than what was offered at the festival. Something fresh and different that represented America seemed to be more appropriate. I thought that if I was here next year I would put in an application to participate as a vendor.

The original idea that I had was a was a steak and cheese sandwich, but instead opted for a BBQ pork or chicken sandwich for several reasons. The first reason was price. I’ve lived in Korea for ten years and beef has always been expensive compared to pork and chicken. In addition, a good steak and cheese requires ribeye meat which would further drive up costs. Pork and chicken is not only cheaper, but the taste is familiar to Korean people. Throughout Korea there are many choices in fried chicken and BBQ restaurants. Thus a BBQ pork or chicken sandwich would be an easy transition. The main adjustment would be the unfamiliar spices and sauces, which could negatively affect its appeal. Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) in Korea has this problem. The characteristics of the soup doesn’t match Korean people’s taste, and so these restaurants are not particularly popular. An American BBQ sandwich may face a similar rejection. (Note: The preparation would include making the sauce from scratch.) For this reason I wanted to do an evaluation to clarify if a market would support the product. If results were positive, it would then be worthwhile to continue this venture. To make the determination I needed answers to the following questions:

  • Is the BBQ sandwich agreeable to Korean people’s tastes?
  • What are some tips for improving the taste?
  • Would they be willing buy the sandwich at a fair and reasonable price?
  • What would be a fair and reasonable price?
  • What is the average age?
  • What is the gender distribution?

This process used to create the sandwich so that it could be tested for feedback was borrowed from websites that specialized in restaurant and food service. The first stage was to conceptualize the menu item. Second was to refine it and have it taste tested by a select number of individuals. In the third stage the sandwich would be further revised until it was ready to be reviewed by people using a survey. The survey was created using an online application accessible by a mobile device and using the link.

Data collected from the survey would most likely be from people that I know.  An article on statistics recommended a sample size of least 100 to get data that’s useful and accurate. I will probably skip this because of lack of time and resources such as costs for ingredients, equipment, and preparation times. If collecting data was needed to do a formal report, it would then make sense to use the festival as the venue to collect data. There would be many people from different parts of the city converging in one location, a similar reason as to why Orlando is coveted location for restaurant companies to do tests for product development.

References and notes:
Site talked about needs of consumers in reference to food: taste, freshness, nutrition, and value.
Article provides additional insight on development process of introducing a new menu item. It’s important to use systematic process; consumer feedback; are they willing buy product
Explains how corporate introduces a new menu item: ideas start in the kitchen; either at corporate office or from franchise owner; sometimes they invite customers to share recipe ideas
Overview of a needs assessments:

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BBQ Chx Sandwich w Creamy Guac

imageIt took several tries to get the sauce right, but it was worth it because it left a m-m-m impression after the first bite. The method I used was to first pre-cook the chicken and let it cool. Then pull the meat into strips, rub in Italian seasoning mix, and then saute in olive oil before adding the sauce.

Although it was a good, I already have ideas for additional tweaks:

  • Topped with honey crusted bacon
  • Cheese fried in olive oil
  • Switch the meat with pork

Asian BBQ Sauce


I had no idea Smithsonian had a site for Asian-Pacific Americans that focused on cooking of all things! It was lucky find because I had been thinking about Asian BBQ.  I made and tested the recipe and it’s good. It actually tastes like BBQ compared to my previous attempts- so much easier and better with ketchup! Note: I didn’t have fish sauce, chili paste, ginger, and tomato paste and instead substituted oyster sauce, Korean pepper paste, pureed fresh tomatoes. I thought it still had a strong ketchup and so adding more pureed tomatoes and less ketchup might do the trick.


Homemade BBQ Sauce

My third go at it. The recipe was from the internet but lot of the ingredients they don’t have in Korea so i improvised. The first batch tasted like crap. The second one had too much bite to it. Imagine dipping hot wings in a bowl of chili. I reduced the pepper paste added more tomato juice and a touch of yogurt. The taste is getting there but still needs more or less of something.

Ingredients: diced onions, garlic, tomatoes in coconut oil, Korean pepper paste, cider vinegar, brown sugar, herb salt, black pepper, worcestershire sauce, mustard, and yogurt.